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Still Believe In Love Lyrics
Still Believe in Love

Lookin'... back through all those days
Dear we've gone through everything there is
We never knew that we've come this far
But thank God above,
we never really walked out that silly door
We never really said and bade goodbye
To show the world we can go...

There were times... we tried to give it up
But our love is keeping us from drifting apart
Our faith in each other,
Is all that we needed to survive
The hands of time will roam
And time will never wait
A place and time for love is here and now
And there won't be any leaving...

We'll stay, and still believe in love
Together with His binding hands
We'll share each other's dreams
We'll stay , and still believe in us
Its gonna be this way forever
We'll show them all
With love we can walk tall
Just as long as we keep on believing

All of our friends, tell us the same
With love alone, we'll never make it on our own
But look at us, our love is all we have
We're goin' strong and stay that way
To prove them wrong...

Just as long as we keep on believing...
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