Under the Rainbow Lyrics by Alana Davis

Alana Davis Lyrics

Under the Rainbow Lyrics
By Alana Davis

Hey brother, tell me what it is
Do you think you might forget yourself if you forgive
You don't answer, so long since you did
Am I wasting time just waiting to find out
The answers behind how you live

Hey sister, do you like this place
Don't it seem it all revolves around a pretty face
Don't lose your amazing grace
And keep in control of you heart and your soul
Which no one will ever replace

Somewhere under the rainbow
There's sunlight maybe a sprinkle of gold...

Hey genius, tell me what you see
Is it everyone around this girl or is it just me
Your martyr, I will never be
Because I'm willing to fight for all of the rights
You've wrongfully taken from me

And somewhere under the rainbow
There's sunlight maybe a sprinkle of gold
I've been waiting, seems like a lifetime
For someone to take all this rain off my mind

Mmm hmm...

Hey Jesus, do you hear my prayer
I've been waiting forever for you to tell me that you care
I'm lonely and it don't seem fair
I was hoping that you would tell me you do
Have a way out of all this despair...

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