Darkness In My Eyes Lyrics by Alaska Highway

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Darkness In My Eyes Lyrics
People never see the other side of darkness.
In the black there is no fear of passing,
for the faces of those who have hurt you cannot be seen,
but you will never forget the one you meet in the dark
Within this place I have sensed no evil,
Only the absence of hurt I had felt.
Death holds my heart and keeps me imprisoned
To shield from another fall.
Without caution, I moved towards nothing
And you have seen me somehow.
The imperfection in this mirrored reflection of a beauty that
Died inside of me.
Darkness comfort me in this moment,
Slipping into comas of complication
I want to embrace you, hold you,
The mind is plagued with hesitation.
Just tell me your suffering and I will give you everything
Though I have nothing, but the darkness in my eyes.
You found me in this, I found you a dying rose
Do I want you, could you want me, accept this bouquet of decay.
Am I an image that comforts your fantasy or will this surface to my dark reality?
Are you the one am I the one?
The wraiths have loved me, the sun will kill us, and the sun will kill us.
Follow the roses down into the depths and you shall see what has brought me here
The wounds of the heart, the depletion of your faith and the darkness in your eyes.
Darkness in my eyes
Darkness in your eyes

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