Deceiver Lyrics by Alaska Highway

Alaska Highway Lyrics

Deceiver Lyrics
Flies invade your spoiled words
spoken once to comfort me,
but in your game I was deceived
and now this question I ask of you...

Can you see me behind the lids, which drape your eyes.
Waiting for that moment when all you've worked for dies.
In that place you call a heart can my answer dwell.
Just utter the words to release me deceiver
from this doubt infested cell.

A contraption of seduction, you encouraged my fall
from this place that resisted you.
And when I failed to ignore my heart
you exposed a wound and bled me through.

The rage inside is burning now
to conquer the bringer of my fading world.
Nothing can protect that slayer of love,
for pain can ignite an apocalypse

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