The Four in Unisono Lyrics by Alastor Sanguinary Embryo

Alastor Sanguinary Embryo Lyrics

The Four in Unisono Lyrics
Lord of the rising spirit of solitude
Take my hands from this floor
Awake me from now

I am your image reflected on man
Between Capricornian and Cancer degrees
I am the one called "Four Masters"
Who sings at the twilight of dawn

"Into the great infinities they surround my every weak sense
As my body converts itself in the unholiest temple"

Spawned to birth
I'm now to ascend to claim glories
Always of my own

My spirit was never alone
My future was always to crown

I have at my left and my right speed of magic
And all demons' wise
At my front the force of battalions
And behind the power to fly

"And so, from the first to the fourth
The gods of the middle lands started the fusion
Of their so mentioned knowledge
With my totally entered soul
It was happening in me
Within the most perfect choral performance
I ever heard
I'm forever son of the four in unique sound"

This way I am one
We all made the star of pagan ritual
To fulfill completion of darkness
I must know listen to their light...

The curse of the animals:
Then the jaguar starts to speak
Powerful disciples listen to me!
Don't harm any child or beast in vain
Don't spell on others
Nor give useless pain

Look for knowledge
Look for wisdom!
Or everyone wilt be inside a prison
The snake spoke and perverted thee
Watch my commands
And god will be me

The buffalo his counsel starts
Destroy thy enemy before it attacks
Don't limit thyself to frontiers
Obey my command
Armored thou art
I'm the master of day and night
The sword of knowledge have I
And the almighty book
Old wise condor
Now I shall rise!

The stars that art above
Follow their path
Follow their road

Refuse all leaders teachings and thoughts
The ones who speak something they do not know

Those who there oppose us in them
The spell wilt be down
To an infinity of blindness befall
Because they hath refused the one

I am the lord of darkness
Who spits the shine with words
And cleanses souls of lovers
With the romance, lute of my tribune

The Light in the Sky of yours
Of course it is me
Voyaging in turmoil
As souls in the transcending

The weave that continuously paints
In my skin now of gold will permeate
In the hearts and minds

Following my steps
They are now but in glorious ends of this melody

I have that mind enforced with those powers
I am that star that fulfils my thirst for growing

I am he, I am she
And I'm the all four singing at the twilight

At midnight I stand to conquer other lands
In my very own name, vengeance, cruel
But superb the way I complete darkness
Emitting all my light up to the sky
To let my own domain of warming spheres
Rule over the worlds of all mankind
Oh my Magic

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