Sure! Thang Lyrics by Al B. Sure!

Al B. Sure! Lyrics

Sure! Thang Lyrics
Hold it now...feel the bass
1 part hype...(1 part hype)
2 parts street...(2 parts street)
3 parts blessed...(3 parts blessed)
Now drop the beat!

If they ask you why tell them why
It's just a Sure! thang
It's just a Sure! thang girl
(I kinda like this!)
If they want to know let them know
(If they want to know)
It's just a Sure! thang
(Proceed with caution!)

You know and I know everything is right
Why you want to make it complicated tonight?
I dedicate my love, put you up above
You'll never feel unwanted,
I'm always thinking love

Yes this is why, yes this is why
Our love will last forever, will last forever
Don't treat me wrong, don't treat me wrong
This is our time together, this is our time together oh


You know I wanna please ya' anyway I can
I never wanna tease you, I'm not that kind of man
In time you'll see my trust you'll have to earn
Betray Al B!? That's not the way to live or learn



Yeah baby girl

[Bridge x2]

Mookie...tell them on the right side!
Uh huh Boogie..tell them on the left side!
It's just a Sure! thang
Here we go, here we go, here we go!
Let's keep it smoothe

Pump it in the jeep
Pump, pump it up
Pump it

Here we go


I'm out, see ya!
Don't sleep on it
(I kinda like this!)

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