You Excite Me Lyrics by Al B. Sure!

Al B. Sure! Lyrics

You Excite Me Lyrics
Yeah you do it
But I bet you don't know it
Aw drop it!

You excite me (yes you do)
You excite me (all the time)
You excite me (everyday)
You excite me, baby (oh)

Excite me, invite me to your house tonight
Caress me, undress me then bless me tonight

If we take the time tonight to feel the pleasures
All of your treasures
Girl I'll hold you so strong
A love to last forever, oh for so long
(you and me)


It's secret pleasure, we've found the treasure
We have no secrets tonight
Just feel my power (feel it baby)
By the hour (check the clock)
Take a shower (you bring the soap) tonight


Don't come too quick
You and me all night?! Yeah


Just let me peep it, dont want to keep it
Go slow, don't speed it tonight
This set is hectic, just was I expected?
Hold on and wreck it, wreck it tonight!

How much?
Oh boy! You and me all night?
Break it down? Okay
You asked for it, you got it
You excite me, you excite me
We can go on and on

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