Under the Pressure Lyrics by Al Sirat

Al Sirat Lyrics

Under the Pressure Lyrics
Walls, they push me so strong...
The air is getting so heavy...
The manic rush takes the control over me,
Deadly run to the
Sun, it takes me blind...
The pressure steals my powers...
Still's no time to waste, no minute to lose,
I have to show, I must prove what I'm worth!

So many things have to be destroyed
Under the boots climbing higher!

I know that somewhere I'll find the relief,
Throwaway the madness, out of my mind
I know, that somewhere, somewhere I will rest,
Somewhere I'll be free, I'll drop the mask!

[Solo: Cola]
Eyes watching from everywhere
My hands, the things I made
The crows looking for one little mistake,
To push me down from the edge
And feed on my flesh,
Make it slowly, with pleasure,
It's the best way to get better
Nobody asks, no one answers, the wheel is closed
Life is the race, I must keep straight on

[Repeat pre-Chorus]

[Repeat Chorus]
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