Automatic Loveletter Lyrics

Automatic Loveletter Lyrics

From the Album The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On (2011) (buy at
The Kids Will Take Their Monsters On
Never Take It Off
Save Me
Black Ink Revenge
Click Your Heels (3 Times And Repeat, There's No Place Like Home)
Carry The Fire
Trade Places
Cruel Cruel
The Curtain Close

From the Album Truth Or Dare (2010) (buy at

Heart Song
Don't Let Me Down
Fade Away
Story Of My Life
The Day That Saved Us
To Die For
Let It Ride
Eyes On You
My Goodbye
Back To Life

From the Album Recover (2007) (buy at

The Answer
August 28th 3:30 A.M.
Make-Up Smeared Eyes (Acoustic)

Other Songs:
Can't Move On
Dear Autumn
Just A Fool
Just Keep Breathing
Shut Your Mouth
The Guest
Turned Around
Who's Gonna Go

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