The Sound Of Reason Lyrics by Avantgard

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The Sound Of Reason Lyrics
They dare to ask for time
But there’s no time for them
No place to them
Forget your dreams and
Leave the emotions now
There’s no more time to retrieve

Can they bear these feelings?
This is the time of reason
It’s the day when they awake
Another taste of a new life
A song of shadows and there’s
Cold and darkness in their minds

And again it’s reason
Time to break this chains
Time to look another way

Take the time and you will see
Open doors and let the
Sound of reason get inside

You will find what’s really in your mind
Locked inside howlin’ at the light
Come on ride to Avantgard!
You will see, but in this quest
You’re alone

This Feelings
Are fading in time
Just leave it, they misunderstood there’s some lines on the past
Never retrace, never surrender
It’s easy to see when there’s no emotions inside
It’s easy to live when there’s no more illusions behind
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