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From the Album Hunter Gatherer (2020) (buy at amazon.com)
Hunter Gatherer
Silence in the Age of Apes
A Secret Door
God of Sick Dreams
Scream Until You Wake
When All but Force Has Failed

From the Album Feathers & Flesh (2016) (buy at amazon.com)
Feathers & Flesh
House Of Eternal Hunt
The Eagle Has Landed
New Land
Tooth, Beak & Claw
For The Swarm
Fiddler's Farewell
One More Hill
Black Waters
Night Never Ending
Pray The Sun Away
When The Snow Lies Red
Raven Wine
Sky Burial
I've Got Something In My Front Pocket For You (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

From the Album Hail The Apocalypse (2014) (buy at amazon.com)
Hail The Apocalypse
Hail The Apocalypse
What I Don't Know
Death Of Sound
Vultures Fly
Bloody Angel
Tsar Bomba
Puppet Show
Get In Line
Something In The Way

From the Album Black Waltz (2012) (buy at amazon.com)
Black Waltz
Let Us Die
Torn Apart
Ready For The Ride
In Napalm
Black Waltz
Let It Burn
One Touch
Paint Me Red
Smells Like A Freakshow
Use Your Tongue
Dying To See You Dead (iTunes Bonus Track)

From the Album Avatar (2009) (buy at amazon.com)
Queen Of Blades
The Great Pretender
Shattered Wings
Out Of Our Minds
Deeper Down
Revolution Of Two
Lullaby (Death All Over)

From the Album Schlacht (2007) (buy at amazon.com)
All Which Is Black
4 AM Breakdown
As It Is
All Hail The Queen
When Your Darkest Hour Comes
I Still Hate You
Die With Me
The End Of Our Ride
Letters From Neverend

From the Album Thoughts Of No Tomorrow (2006) (buy at amazon.com)
Thoughts Of No Tomorrow
Bound To The Wall
And I Bid You Farewell
Last One Standing
War Song
The Willy
My Shining Star
My Lie
The Skinner
Slave Hive Meltdown

Avatar Info:

Avatar is a metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was formed in 2001 by drummer John Alfredsson and guitarist Jonas Jarlsby, who at the time were in separate bands. -Wikipedia

Göteborg, Sweden

Groove metal, melodic death metal, heavy metal, industrial metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal

Years active:

Name Origin:
Johannes Eckerström explained the meaning of Avatar as: "When a God manifests itself on Earth in the shape of a human being or an animal. A god in disguise. The hidden potential in the human being."

Johannes Eckerström - lead vocals
( 2001–present)

Jonas "Kungen" Jarlsby - guitars
( 2001–present)

Tim Öhrström - guitars, backing vocals
( 2012–present)

Henrik Sandelin - bass, backing vocals
( 2001–present)

John Alfredsson - drums
( 2001–present)

Past Members:
Simon Andersson - guitar (2001-2012)

Albin Dahlquist – bass guitar

Kim Egerbo – guitar (?–2003)

John Isacsson – bass guitar (2001–?)

Viktor Ekström – guitar (2001)

Daniel Johansson – guitar (2001)

Christian Rimmi – vocals (2001–?)

Niklas Green – bass guitar (2002–2003)

Björn Risberg – bass guitar (2003), guitar (2003)

Mathias Smedberg –bass guitar (studio) (2003)

Oscar Jungbeck – bass guitar

Avatar Quotes:
"We are not a political band, solely for the reasons of not all of us agree with each other" -Johannes Eckerström

"The best riffs are always the ones which give me ambition. It comes from an angle of artistic reflection. The only real agenda is honesty, sincerity and things we are passionate about. What could be perceived as political is leaking into that."
-Johannes Eckerström

Tour Dates:

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