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No Martyr Lyrics
I am not the lamb, I am not Jesus
I am not ready to sacrifice my innocence
I am not ready to talk to you about politics
I am not ready to taste your corruption

I don't want your money
Or your fame and fortune
No, you mean nothing to me
I don't need you

I know you look at me and say
"Here's something I can use - abuse"
But, I'm not going for it
I'm innocent and I'm young

But I'm not so naive that I'd fall for it
I don't want your money
Or your record contract
Fame and fortune
No, you can keep them
I don't need the money that you want to give me
Want to use me, no

Don't look to me to be your Jesus Christ
Cuz I'm not here for your superficial sacrifice
Want to use my youth and my innocence
Trying to make a fool of me, are you?

You never get me, you'll never use me
I'll never be a martyr for you no it's not worth it
Won't spill my blood for you I don't need you
I don't want you, I don't want you
I'm no martyr for you
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