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Birdman Lyrics

Intro Lyrics
Hey Bryan I'm glad you took some time to come see me finally, you know. You got anymore room on your arms for them tattoos there buddy? Eh? I know alot of guys in the joint that had them tattoos like that. Lucky you're on the outside lookin' in. But anyway, I'm glad to see you're doing well for yourself. That's great. Junior's been bringing in a lot of money. I like that. I saw you guys on that TV thing. I see you won the peoples choice award. We usually don't like to see our guys on TV but, in your case, ugh, it's a good thing. You have to. So the real reason I made you come here today was because I wanted to talk about our next move. The money that's comin' in is great, but now it's time to flip it. We got to put it back on the streets, and we got to make it clean. You know with the sanitation and a couple of construction jobs. I'm going to show you and teach you everything. To everybody else this might be hard, but, we're ganna make it look easy.
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