Eighteen Visions Lyrics

Eighteen Visions Lyrics

From the Album Eighteen Visions (2006) (buy at amazon.com)
Eighteen Visions
Our Darkest Days
Truth Or Consequence
Burned Us Alive
Black And Bruised
Broken Hearted
Pretty Suicide
The Sweetest Memory
Last Night
Your Nightmare

From the Album Obsession (2004) (buy at amazon.com)
I Let Go
This Time
Tower Of Snakes
I Should Tell You...
Waiting For The Heavens
Lost In A Dream
Bleed By Yourself
A Long Way Home
Said and Done

From the Album Vanity (2002) (buy at amazon.com)
Fashion Show
One Hell Of A Prize Fighter
I Don't Mind
The Notes Of My Reflection
A Short Walk Down A Long Hallway
The Critic
You Broke Like Glass
In The Closet
Sonic Death Monkey
There Is Always
Love In Autumn

From the Album Best Of (2001) (buy at amazon.com)
Best Of
Motionless And White
Russian Roulette With Tiger Happy Manic Depressive
The Psychotic Thought
An Old Wyoming Song
Slipping Through The Hands Of God
Diana Gone Wrong
Raping, Laughing, Tasting, Temptation
Five O Six A.M. Three / Fifteen
Life's Blood
Isola In The Rain
Dead Rose

From the Album Until The Ink Runs Out (2000) (buy at amazon.com)
Until The Ink Runs Out
She Looks Good In Velvet
She's A Movie Produced Masterpiece
Champagne And Sleeping Pills
Who The F*ck Killed John Lennon?
The Nothing
Wine 'em, Dine 'em, Sixty-Nine 'em
That Ain't Elvis Playing Piano
Revolutionizing The Sound Of Music
Prelude To An Epic / Flowers For Ingrid

From the Album No Time For Love (1999) (buy at amazon.com)
No Time For Love
Diana Gone Wrong
Russian Roulette With A Trigger Happy Manic Depressive
Isola In The Rain

From the Album Lifeless (1998) (buy at amazon.com)
Of Pain
Mental Repression
Life's Blood
Slipping Through The Hands Of God
Sacrilegious Murder

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