Southbound Lyrics by Flatt And Scruggs

Flatt And Scruggs Lyrics

Southbound Lyrics
Now I've been here a month or more stocked in this ol' city

People who have to call it home they were ones I pitty

Lord I'm homesick blues're only songs I ever sing and pick

I get out and walk the streets like the blisters on my feet I'm southbound

[ banjo - dobro ]

Now I'm all right too late at night I'm sittin' by my window

I count sheep but I can't sleep but listen to the train though I began to fine

When I hear that great big engine rollin' down the line

I'm goin' back to spend some time where I can't fall when I ain't got a dime

I'm southbound

[ ac.guitar - harmonica ]

Southbound she's burnin' the ground and I don't mean maybe

Sure I'm glad I caught this train I wanna see my baby

Lord I'm lonesome I long to see those hills where I come from

Listen that engine's lonesome roar takin' me back home once more I'm southbound

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