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Ghost Lyrics
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From the Album Popestar (2016) (buy at

From the Album Meliora (2015)
2016 Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance

From the Album If You Have Ghost (2013) (buy at

If You Have Ghosts
I'm A Marionette
Waiting For The Night
Secular Haze (Live)

From the Album Infestissumam (2013) (buy at

Per Aspera Ad Inferni
Secular Haze
Jigolo Har Megiddo
Ghuleh / Zombie Queen
Year Zero
Body And Blood
Depth Of Satan's Eyes
Monstrance Clock
La Mantra Mori (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
I'm A Marionette (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Waiting For The Night (Japanese Bonus Track)

From the Album Opus Eponymous (2010) (buy at

Con Clavi Con Dio
Stand By Him
Satan Prayer
Death Knell
Prime Mover
Here Comes The Sun (Bonus Track)

Ghost Info:

Ghost (known as Ghost B.C. in the United States) is a Swedish heavy metal band, formed in Linköping in 2008. Ghost are easily recognizable due to their eccentric on-stage presence, five of the group's six members wear hooded robes, while the vocalist appears in skull make-up, dressed as a Roman Catholic Cardinal.

The nature of their identities is highly secretive and their names have not been publicly disclosed; the vocalist calls himself Papa Emeritus and the musicians are referred to only as Nameless Ghouls. -Wikipedia

Also known as:
A Group of Nameless Ghouls, Ghost.

Linköping, Sweden

Heavy metal, doom metal, stoner rock

Years active:

Papa Emeritus II - vocals (2012-present)
The Nameless Ghouls (5 instrumentalists)

Past Members:
Papa Emeritus I - vocals (2008 -2012)

Tour Dates:

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