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Hate Lyrics
[Intro: Jay-Z]
Haters Haters
These niggas is haters
And I made myself so easy to love

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
How much they hate it Very
Kiss girls like Katy Perry
I am never sprung
But I spring her - Jerry
Don't try this at home Results may vary
King like T.I. But in the Chi-Larry

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
Hoover, Hova Both are American Gangsters
You choose whose Colder
Rappers get nasty in the booth
But I'm grosser I can't even stomach myself
Ulcer More realer Cause I'm closer
Had girlies girdles Wearin' more than they 'spose to
Poser No sir My hustle? So Russell I strech work Yoga
You know I got it down dog Al Roker I used to knock pounds off
It ain't nothing For me to knock nouns off
And these emcees prayin' for my downfall
They just Haters I wave at you I'm so player
I never be done I'm so RA-RE

[Verse 2: Kanye West]
We killin the game It's not FAI-R
You motherf*ckers Stay right THE-RE
Cause we too high up in the AI-R
We blastin' off Just like a Laser
Nigga pyoom-pyoom-pyoom!
Gimme back Gimme room-room-room
DB-9 Like vroom-vroom-vroom
Young Hov What we doin-doin-doin

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]
We ballin' Bitches Eatin' ya'll food Leavin' dishes
Why these niggas always talkin' Lear talk 'Ye
Why I never see 'em at the clear port 'Ye
Why I always hear they at the airport
While I fly daily like I'm in the Air Force
Therefore Please stop talking my ears off With millionaire talk
You Haters You mad at me Cause Yo Paper
Need to get it's muthaf*ckin Weight up Hold up
Wait up I ain't done Name one thing that I ain't done
It hurts when you say that I ain't the one
You haters How do I gain your Fa-vor
I need to know Cause I Ca-re
I need you to love me I swear Look hey-er
See Ye is Runnin' the Chi Like Gale Sayers
I'm running New York I got the Ma-yor On my pa-ger
Ya can't fade us You hate us
I need you Stay the-re I breathe you Like Ai-r Yay-er
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