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Ultra Lyrics
Yeah, yeah, it's what you want huh?
Yeah, Talk that shit nigga
Uhh, uhh

[Swizz Beatz:]
Ultra ultra ultra
You are ultra ultra ultra ultra

Ultra, Ultra hova

[Verse 1: Jay-Z]
Roc my ultra ways
Producing [? ] of Ace came from ultraglades
Celebrating surviving where the vultures pray
With a couple uber models in my ultra bay
My clique realer we get fresher
Balmain jackets with Owen leathers
My chick hotter skip Prada, Balenciaga
My fames a monster ladies go Gaga
From MC ultra ultra
From the mighty ROC nation La Costra Nostra
Wait gangsta our guns is legal so
We don't even care if you run to the people, oooh
The same lawyer got Diddy off
Duplicates[? ] the same way I get rid of y'all
Ugh, f*ck the DA the mayor know me
The big guy in D.C. got a favor for me

[Chorus: Swizz Beatz]
We are
Ultra ultra ultra ultra
Ultra ultra ultra ultra
I am
Ultra ultra ultra ultra
Ultra ultra ultra ultra
You are
Ultra ultra ultra ultra
Ultra ultra ultra ultra

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]
I'm ultra hot, mixing the pineapple with coconut Ciroc
Ughh, a white party for white bitches
Fly haircuts and dyke bitches
Last train to Paris first stop is Harrods
You don't need no baggage
Ugh I go ultra hard
There's no max on that matt black ultra card
No limit keep spending got no regard
Me and hov two yachts playing bumper cars
Ugh, throw the money in the ocean like f*ck it ughh,
Throw the linen on in the right bucket ughhh,
Err I'm on that fly nigga shit
Last thing they shoulda did is let a nigga get rich
You know I'm gon' go too far
All these diamonds in my damn chain oh my God

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