Your Love Lyrics by Jay-Z

Jay-Z Lyrics

Your Love Lyrics
Christion.. listen
Uhh, Jigga
How easy is that?

Lame mad cause the game that I, spat at his chick
So I had to double back quick, and clap at his click
Soon as the smoke cleared, I got back in his *bitch*
Tell that man son, I ain't your ave-rage
All the while, hand my hand on her, ass and hips
Told her, "Let's get gone; listen to Christion"
Play full of smoke, take small pulls to choke
She almost overdosed, how them cats hold their notes
Know that the flow's no joke, mine strictly fold dough
And since you over age, and, I'm overpaid
We can play in the Rover til the verse is over.. Jay

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