Blood Money Lyrics by Kyle

Kyle Lyrics

Blood Money Lyrics
Kyle, Uh

Young spitta, big hitta
T Dots own Jose Bautista
Spit by the liter, drown any nigga
That come against me, asphyxiate under pressure
North side repper, Eastside representer
Bound to never fall like lepers
Or high rise jumpers, that boy quite skilled
In manipulating words, them girls get thrilled
Still, so nonchalant
Rap savant flow avant garde
Soon to reach the T-O-P
Then you'll catch me, and my peeps spending G's in Paris
They find it hard to breathe when I flow Fabulous
Lee over beats, soon to be cashin in
Talen, Ted like Wahlberg, Father
Can only do right, come test with the author

Hot Flows, yeah I'm bout dat
Just the bass bangin, man we off dat
You said you got rhymes, show me where they at
Oh that weak 16, man that shit was whack
Like mobsters, you know how we conquer
God knows that we will never falter
You are now entering the danger zone
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