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Can You Flow Session Lyrics
Kick it
Yo, it's a can you flow session
That's the question
We don't know so [?] we gonna test 'em

[Verse 1 - Kidd Kash:]
Can I flow? No
(Go on go, go on go, go on go)
Yo [x5] hey hey let me go
Let me attack the track until that shit is full of holes
It's Kidd Kash for all you haters who didn't know
Hit the road, flow is so cold it's like I'm spittin' snow
It's ironic, I'm the hottest nigga in the street
I'm the only real rapper in the industry
Y'all other brothers is weak, y'all ain't a thing to me
I'm a keep myself 100, as real as real can be
Because I'm the realest see, I'm what y'all pretend to be
My flow is too good it's like my skill is never-ending, see
I got a tendency to go heavy like Heavy D
Heavily, heavy on any brother that steps to me
Yo, yo, I got the hellish flow
I'm hella dope, couldn't see me with a telescope
Yeah, that's the session so let me ask y'all a question

Can you flow session?
That's the question
We don't know so Dame we gonna test'em
Can you flow? (Yes I can)
(Then go on go, go on go, go on go, go on go)

[Verse 2 - Dame the Prince:]
Dame the Prince shakin' haters up like dice
Yeah I go hard like there is no nice
Skinny jeans on, yeah I love my shit tight
And I flip them haters off like "Don't I look right?"
Crown on my head, I'm blowing up like missiles
Leaving wounds deep on your cheek like dimples
Girls be popping, they be popping like pimples
Dame and Kidd Kash boy, it's official
I keep [?], keep count like a one, two
I'm so sick, so sick I gotta moneys flu
I keep money cuz' I'm hungry and I wanna do
Forget talking, what the money do?
These niggas dumb but my flow is retarded
I'm getting money and y'all niggas is starving

Aye, aye, aye
Cuz' it's [x3] a can you flow session
That's the question
We don't know so Chris we gonna test'em
Can you flow?

Hell no!

(Then go on go, go on go)

[Verse 3 - Mr. Man:]
Listen, lyrically I'm going insane
And ain't nothing change but my pocket change
Yeah it's Mr. Man and ya' boy sixteen
It's about that time that the kid hit the scene
See I'm so mean when it come to the flow
Step off the mic, all you see is the smoke
Cuz' I spit fire with the skateboard attire
Keep your daughters away cuz' I'm what they admire
I'm hot like a lighter and I spit like I'm so gone
Sky is the limit so I'm breaking through the ozone
Go home if you all about hating
My flow gonna go, I'm history in the making
Some impatient but I'm steady waiting
Sooner or later I'll be ballin' like Gary Payton
I'm just saying Imma' ride for mine
2009, it's our time to shine, let's go

Can you flow session baby!
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