Christmas Rap (Live) Lyrics by Kyle

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Christmas Rap (Live) Lyrics
December 25, naww I've been rapping before christmas
While ya'll making your wishes, formalatting your wish lists
I'm making sick hits, that make you drip and stop
Even leave rudolph, with a sniffle and cough
Red nose shine bright, I'll never get lost
Santa does it every year, at whatever the cost
A Green monster stealing christmas, thats colder than frost
Jack gifts and ornaments, that all has to stop
I got this gift so I rap, to unwrap the flow
In North Pole, I shovel off like snow
Jokes, like I can't fit down the chimney
I lost a few pounds, so here I go
In one night, I hit every home
Ladies and gents its the saint Nick Show
After I fill stockings, I have milk and dough
Then share hersey kisses under mistle-toes

Sharing is caring man, its just goodwill
I can't imagine Noel, without No L
O.V.E. Christmas will never stop
Kyle got the evergreen flow, thats the star on top
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