Decipher Lyrics by Kyle

Kyle Lyrics

Decipher Lyrics
I did it on my own, I ain't talking bout Oprah
Kyle controlling minds, like Mk Ultra
Throwing sublime lines, for you posers
Binaural beats, going through yall
While ya'll sitting on ya sofa
Relax, meditation on rap
Im going off the wall, like Mike Jack playing craps
Im tryna find info Im tryna find facts
But eyes on me, so I can't do that
Thats a dollar for your thoughts, for whatever the cost
When something is gained, then another thing is lost
I ain't talking bout weight, or Matthew Fox
Its the 21st century, Who's talking bout Fox
No Jaimie, No Vivica or Megan
Everybody Knows, Im gonna be a Legend
Can I ask you a question, before them boys fill you up with Led like Zepplien
Can I, ask a Rhetorical question
Well Can I? Quote Ambrose Bierce, before I disappear
God's the Only One I fear, I mean this
Your boy a mensa genuis, Leguizamo undefeated
My Suicidal flow, bout to blow up like extremists
Peep this, Im the best in my Region, they said they want more
My man I said I want more
Its the Big Bang Theory,Chuck Lorre
Bros. dropped Sheen cause he wanted two and a half men
It ain't greed, its ambition
The hottest shit you heard from Kitchen
Some Rappers non-existent, face on milk cartons Missing
If you think im sick, then you werent even listen'
No biggie, Im sick with this sicker more style
Pure lyricist, Undefiled
What else, Kill Your Lame Enemies, a motto from Kyle
And forget about G shocks, we use sun dials

Kill all, kill all who kill
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