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Lexicon Lyrics
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Whats good man
Hey real shit I'm f*ckin' really f*ckin' real
Yeah really

Lexicon, Lexi-lexicon
Skinny nigga but I bet that I'm still flexin' on
All about my green, like a f*ckin' leprechaun
My suit up look mean, gold Casio on my arm

Flow is untouchable
A lot of niggas thinkin' that they sick till I prove that they not, Dr Huxtable
Stacking more cheese than a forty pair of lunchables
And even white kids is telling me "Can't nobody f*ck with you"
Open the front door, with a can of Coke, and I'm sippin' it slow
K.i.D can spit, real shit, let these niggas know
Me and Mr. Man, these niggas is manikins
Can't move when I enter the room frozen in a stance, damn
Hand a nigga his ass with, eight bars of that real shit
Trill nigga, don't feel shit
I ain't into that pill shit
Shout out to my niggas gettin' it in on that Sky-rim
5'10", light-skinned, grippin' on that light-nin
Spittin' that flame my nigga, come fire-fight me
And if you hate losin' then you really not gone like me
And if you give me sixteen bars wreckin' it
I win around the globe homie cause seconds' where I've never been
Talk bout' making hits though
I could make a list yo
My flows slick as Crisco
Nigga's so cool, I piss cold
That weak shit you bring me
I K-I-D delete
Enough punch-lines to fight a nigga for three weeks
Yeah doggy doggy, yea doggy, niggas is off the leash
Campos will have your momma askin' "Where the f*ck your teeth?"
K.i.D be workin', people askin' "When the f*ck you sleep?"
"Sleep nigga?" I ain't had a bed since I was seventeen
Killin' beats and drinkin' Red Bull until it's hard to see
Yeah I'm on a diet, Mickey D's seven days a week
Weak niggas think they in my league, send em' back down to D
So ahead of my time nigga I feel like I'm 83

[Hook x2]

I'm ready for action, Jackson, Niggas know I'm attackin
Smashin niggas like an asian taxi driver leave em crashin
Casually im causin casualties, I'll leave these niggas gassed
Im spittin that lighter fluid niggas dont know how to match it
Like a rug burn from Aladdin shit is tragic, nigga f*ck around
Catch a whole overweight case said a nigga bow
Bang bang biggidy bang dang ow nigga ow
You can get caught in traffic , I hit the gas and lay niggas down
Yesum, and I hope God bless em
You can take your feedback and shove it up your rectum
And you take my insults right into the heart
Like all you niggas stink like damn nigga d'you fart?
(Damn nigga you fart, damn nigga you fart)
I guarantee you hear me and say damn nigga you hard
People want features be like damn nigga you charge
Cause on my SAT I scored damn nigga you smart

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