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A Milli Lyrics
[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Muthaf*cka, I'm I'll.
A milli in here, a milli in there
Sicilian bitch with long hair with coke in the derriere
Like smokin the thinnest air, I open the Lamborghini
Hopin them crackers see me like look at the bastard Weezy
He's a beast, he's a dog, he's a motherf*ckin problem
Okay, you're a goon, but what's a goon to a GOBLIN?
Nuthin, nuthin, you ain't scarin nuthin!
On some faggot bullshit, call him Dennis Rodman
Call me what you want, bitch, call me on my sidekick
Never answer when it's private, damn I hate a shy bitch
Don't you hate a shy bitch? Yeah, I ate a shy bitch
She ain't shy to me, she changed her name to "My Bitch"
Hahaha, yeah nigga that's my bitch,
So when she ask for the money when you through don't be surprised, bitch
And it ain't trickin if you got it,
But you like a bitch with no ass, you ain't got shit
Muthaf*cka, I'm I'll, not sick, and I'm okay but my watch sick
Yeah, my drop sick, yeah, my glock sick
And my knot thick, I'm it

[Verse 2: Jay - Z]
A billi, A billi, A billi, A billionaire
Call me Philly Collins I feel A bills in the air
I affilate with Billy Gates
That's my pair
And I'm a millionaire that's my concilaire
When I wear billionaire boys club is morning care
I don't wear cause Pharell I wear it cause I'm For Real
(I see dead people, people)
I see Benjamin's and a bunch of big head people
I'm a natural born hustler, marcy projects motha f**ker
Turned professional journalist reportin life from the gutta
Where girls carry box cutters
Brotha Shwep the undercover screamin F**k the world (Why?)
Cause Don't nobody love her, Sean Carter, Sean Bell what's the difference do tell 50 shots or 50 mill ain't no difference go to hell
So Braa,

[Verse 3: Drake]
I'm really the heir to the fortune of a million
Heir talkin money with me's really unfair
At the border like I swear
I have nothin to declare
I am nothin like these otha niggas comin out this year
Even if ya never met me you could tell I'm on that same shit
Loyal as a muh f*cka nobody be sayin shit
Dope boys know me cause I often speak they language
So well spoken man I shoulda went to cambridge
Y o u n g hoe
Women they can be so
Motivated by money that's why they be on me fo
That's yo favorite rapper homie gauranteed that he know
If he is the one I'm the zero

[Verse 4: Cory Gunz:]
I'm millie in here with them Young Money Milli on aires,
Think you wheelie pop a wheelie in air,
Mac Milli... the Vanilli's in here... I'm a rascal don't get whopped,
I get brats who don't give top, ("meaning he gets girls who play hard to give it up")
I get tassel, pass you with a flow you could never put a brake on,
An I break on anything a nigga take on,
Feel the napalm from my trey arm, straight long, throw a nigga like I'm Akon,
Cause I make cons... Where the base gone, get the base blown,
Let the Pistons on that chopper come on cops I'm kamikaze drop a rock with them Obamas,
Illie in the mind, really with the nine, millie when I rhyme, silly anytime,
Fine, chilly gitty on da grind, Shitty on a dime, Penny on the line

[Verse 5: Ne - Yo]
A millionaire I am young money,
But, be clear my money so grown,
It got grey hair,
Though this Ne-Yo thang to you,
May look like a new career,
I've been the man behind the pimp,
Four about 8, 9 years.
Cut my vein let it leak,
On the sheet of the tablet,
I ain't lyin,
Man your girlfriend's favorite song is mine,
If I sang it then I wrote it,
Even if I didn't sing it,
Make the lyrics make a Mill,
Let another artist bring it,
R&B to Pop,
Even got them Hip-Hop records drop back like that,
To make me better,
Bust it baby pussy poppin,
Tell them mothers,
Why they hate I'm in Japan,
But a week makin Millis,
In languages I don't speak,
If the language's money man,
If I speak is rather fluent,
Man tango can get me about 30 time

[Verse 6: Lil' Mama]
Who say what? say what? say no!
I go's in like Pac, J so hold up, the Carter's here? I go's in like Pac, J, so Carter!
Better ask my father been doin this since younga den all ya'll rappers who tried to test me? I would dismurder all ya'll I will destroy and won't miss when I murder all ya'll I'm givin new life to birth I'm a hit controller
No I'm the birth of hip hop I'm a birth controller
Creation and reputation is of the worst of all ya'll
I am despicable been this way since lit-t-le
Why u think I dress in baby clothes like my sister do
They ain't make my bot-t-le
Hungry so I'm robbin you
Crawlin on the floor -eatin rappers like goblins do-
Look. see I, must got 3 eyes & neva put that gun up in a stash like T.I.
Picked on pen like a bully outta rehab
And stayed up on my grind like that table pepperica rica

[Verse 7: Fabolous]
What really the dealie with these silly MF
Bunch of fake ass milli vanillie MF
Yet still these MF
Says they Philly MF
But I only smoke dutches I don't philies MF
They gonna pull and shot what
NO really MF you gonna run
Probably pull you a killie MF
Nigga please you wouldn't pop a willie MF
You wouldn't raise the heat if you were chilly MF
I will kill these MF
Tell these MF
Know that I am legend
Call me Big Willie MF

[Verse 8: Cassidy]
Rappers usually bring home I ain't get
Cause I ain't shit and I ain't sell enough ringtones
U can't be the king on the throne unless you mess with males
I'm not a homo so I don't expect to sell
But I expect to get respect f*ck record sells
If a nigga direspect me he can catch a shell
But for first degree you get the death penalty
Or life without the posibility
Dat mean death in jail, unless you tell
And rat on somebody else
And put ya body on somebody else yea dat'll probaly help
But if you snitch just body yourself
Put the chrome to your own dome and homi yourself
Man my style so smooth dat my trial made the news
I came home and spent a couple hundred thou on some jewels
I'm a pimp, but I don't rock crocidile shoes
I pop the two and make a nigga crocidile food

[Verse 9: Chris Brown]
Uh yezzir.
It be that, it be that
It be that breezy millionaire
A milli here and a milli in there
Selling out stadiums million chairs
Stepping on and off stage killing em
I got a millionaire pair
Of them all white a million Airs
I'm a beast every competition come please
Lock em up Lock em up
Just put em on freeze
Long ice I'm doing things that rappers don't like
And I am making (a milli [x3]) I am making (a millie [x3])
Getting money jus throw it up and watch it
And when it come down it's like magnets in my pocket
DAMN I got it
Purple and green diamonds they swang from my chest
Bigger and bigger man I think the Hawks on my neck
I'm brilliant, Jay-Z, Weezy, Breezy
So what's a million YEAH

Singing ni**as just chill
Cause I'm I'll.
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