Destroyed Lyrics by Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne Lyrics

Destroyed Lyrics
I think I'm seeing things
When I don't see a thing
I woke up and realized all the nightmares that dreaming brings
Let my people go
I know y'all hear 'em screaming things
Now load up choppers, point it at the coppers
Let let freedom ring

I like the sweeter things
So what bitch, no needle strings
I wake up stretch my feet and wings
My life has no deleted scenes
I pop pop pop and leave the scene
Leave the scene Noczema clean
Sippin on that lean cuisine
Incredible Hulk on creatine
My nigga

F*ck the world and may I mention f*ck the world again
But I wanna go around the world Tune
You down to go around the world again?

I am and you can trust in a nigga like fam
I'm hitting these licks on these niggas like stamps
Giving these hoes headaches like rams
Yes ma'am and I

Just might call your girl a friend
But f*ck her like she my girlfriend
Talk to her like she my girl like
Oops you look like my girl's twin
I'm lost in future, present, past
All those drinks I had
I'll speed em fast I'll blink I crashed
They say it's my time
I'm racing time I think I'm last
And if Tune mentions lean again
Then I might drink his stash
The underdogs understand what I lay over tracks
New school but all I listen to is older raps, bitch I still

I still been drinking on the low
I never think because I know
And pimpin haven't died and money getting old
And now the wrinkles startin to show
My rims twinkle like a toe
I'm tippy toeing with ya hoe
One thing led to another and then the pencil broke
I got that handgun on the table, shotgun in the closet
Police in disguises I don't like surprises
I don't like tomatoes, I don't like tamales
Shoutout to my plug, I pray the rats don't chew the wires
Straight ballin you niggas just bald spots
When they tried to read my palms the pages were torn out
And pussy niggas get hawled off
No cough drops

I'm tryna make the same cash off rap they made off pop
I'm off topic
I killed more than I did with a gun with a skill
I'm no role model
I'm rollin with models rollin off pills
I'm rollin over
Whoevers not rollin with us, then road kill
Tryna get Uncle Phil cake
In case I die tryin I wrote wills
I'm chillin for the moment
Til I can't figure out the code to get the motherf*cking safe open
Who the f*ck left the cage open
I'm liable to blow your f*cking face open

Every bone you can break broken
If I go broke every home I can break in broken
Pussy look like a steak smoking
Niggas looking like the lake frozen
And I hate rodents
And I stay choking off the straight potent
Til it make no sense
Niggas talking shit
Nigga I can get you wacked nigga
You can picture that til you break your lense
Niggas take no ends
Nigga f*ck your hoe
While you cutting your grass
Nigga cut your throat
Taking out your trash
Pull up on you slow
Going at you fast you ain't got nowhere to go
Nigga hung em by a rope
Dump em by the boats
F*ck em adios
F*ck em I don't care
Got a bad bitch naked
And she just asked
"What you gonna do to me that I ain't done to myself?"
I said "Ooo talk dirty, but don't talk long
You leave Wayne's world it's a long walk home"
My pockets on that growth hormone
I call them shots, can I get a dialtone, yeah

Mula, can I get a million
Till the heads on tails
Til I get a full coin
Full fledge, full house, when your friend gone join?
Got a friend in the cut with a gun by the groin

And what are friends for
I'm still the boss don't get sent for

Roger that 10-4
Nigga send me point em out where he at I got em
We don't wanna see you back in court

The weed so loud bitches get ignored
Cause I don't got time to go back and forth
I told that bitch don't question me bitch
If you do you asking for it
I'm spaced out like asteroids

Feeling like arod after 'roids
I'm from Prop city

I'm from New Orleans the part that's destroyed

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