F*ckin' Problem Lyrics by Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne Lyrics

F*ckin' Problem Lyrics
[Hook - Lil Wayne]
I love all my bitches
That's my f*ckin' problem
A 2 dollar bill is still a couple dollars
And if any one of them niggas got a f*ckin' problem
I'mma milk all of 'em
Cause they f*ckin' cowards
I love red bitches
There's just something 'bout 'em
But I'm gettin' better pussy from a brown one
Been schoolin' y'all niggas, I'm your alma mater
I'm the shit
Where the fly swatter

[Verse 1 - Lil Wayne]
I know you likin' who you eatin' on
Make me think about all them nights we got a threesome on
Make me think about how you suck it like your teeth are gone
If your friends hatin' on you, f*ck 'em
To each his own, yessir
I do my drugs then I sleep 'em off
Like it just be callin' me
I need to turn my ringer off
Ain't a f*ckin' singalong
Unless you brought the weed along
That kush, okay I got that kush
Cop pounds and put my people on
We can take the stairs up to the stars
That's where we belong
F*ck that shit you talk
I beat that pussy like production
Or like Rocky, beat the Russian
Or like Jordan, beat the buzzer
Nigga, gimme what you've got
Take that money like an usher
One man band, all you hear is repercussion
Told a bitch, too much selfish gonna lead to self destruction
She looked me in my eyes and said
Man, I ain't worried 'bout nothin'
I said shorty, you a beast

I love bad bitches
Okay, what's the problem
If she thinks she gonna come up
I'mma f*ckin' drown her
I'm wildin' in public schools and public housing
Can't afford failure, I'm just browsing
I was 15 with $100,000
And if you talk trash
I'mma f*ckin' possum?
And nigga, if your bitch got eye problem
You know what it is, armed robbery.

[Verse 2 - Euro]
I heard 'em tell me "Go get 'em, young"
I haven't seen a movie since I started livin' one
I be in a room full of bitches gettin' drunk
Smokin' like a point guard, no look, passin' blunts
F*ck you talkin' 'bout? Euro, this and that,
Wanna walk in these shoes? Have the outfit to match
And niggas schemin' on what I had, but
We gon' put money in the bag or a body in the bag (You choose)
And all these new bitches old news
Throwin' stacks at 'em like "That's prolly gon' bruise"
And every dream girl that I f*cked came true
Now every night feels like deja vu
And the hatin's no use, she ain't waitin' on you
I tell a baby, "Tell ya man kick rocks with no shoes"
And I murder that pussy, and I ain't leave a clue
Cause I put her on her knees and made her swallow all the proof
That sick shit, a mill, yeah, I'm a f*ckin' problem
I'm fine wit' it, though, bitches like f*ckin' problems
And I can't solve shit if I'm the f*ckin' problem
Just know I got 'em, let me know if there's a f*ckin' problem
Out the city, but you can't take the city out 'em
I know these hoes well, see the water spittin' out 'em?
Long story short, money always colorblind
She blew the team for some Red Bottoms

[Verse 3 - Kidd Kidd]

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