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I'm A Beast Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Yes Rappin Is My Hobby, My House Has A Lobby
My bitches ack snoddy cause I feed them thousands
I Kno That Doesnt Rhyme I'm Only Being Honest
Can't Pay Me In Cash Cause I'm Only Seein Commas.
I Swear... I Have On Saks 5th Boxers Right Now
I'm Tryna Milk The Game As If The Game Was A Cow
I Had A Eddie Bau Expedition 7 Years Ago
My Grandma Used To Tell Me That She Swear I Been Here Befo.
I Used To Wear Braids Like Jasons Lyric, Woe
Spent A Bundle On The Cross Because I am Spi-Ri-Tual
I Can Never Pass A Physical I Stay High,
High As The Voice Of Akon!
And Make Mine A Straight No Chase
Hold The Ice... I Got Enuff On Ne Way
And Wen They See The Boy They Hyperventilate
I Got Them Runnin After Me Like I'm About To Win A Race.

I'm a Beast, I'm a Dog.
Bitch I'm a Beast, Ho I'm a Dog
Yea U Kno That I'm A Beast, I'm a Dog
I'm a Beast, Ho I'm a Dog. You Know That

[Verse 2:]
Never Entertain The Suckas With The Hatin Bidness(Nah Never Did That)
I'm On A Yacht Playin Table Tennis
Expensive Lenin, Women Sinning
Adultery... Compulsively
I'm An Arsenist On The Beat I Blaze Fire
The Door Close To The Booth I Feel Like A Caged Lion(Rawr)
Yea, Let Me Loose(Rawr) Now Let Me Get'em(Rawr)
Cause I ain't Goin Back And Forth Like Badmitton
No I Will Never Drop The Ball Like Badmitton
And I ain't Bein Conceited I'm Just Ad-Mittin
I Flow Cocky... Got Hand Rhytm
I Got This Bitch On Lock Like San Quentin
I'm Tough Daddy What's Poppin Gangsta(Bloods!)
[Sirens In The Background]
I'm Tryna Keep My Pockets Fat Like Opera Singers
I'm So Sharp If U Touch Me I'll Chop Off Ya Fingers
I'm On Top Of The Game
Like Helicopter Angles
I See U Niggas I Hope U Havin Fun
I Hope U Have A Gun(Gunshot) Cause This Shit Is Crazy
It's Little Baby I'm Here To Take It
And It's Lookin Vacan't. Cause...
[Sirens End]

[Chorus x2]

Ok... Now I'm a Go Off On'em
At First I Was Goin Soft On'em
But Now It's Time To Go Hard!
Bustin... Bangin Boguard[? ]
Take A Shit In Yo Yard
Take A Piss On Yo Broad
Make A List Of Yo Boyz
And Go And Murder Them All(Haha)
Life Is A Short A Midget Told Me That
And I Always Thought I Was Fly Like I Had A Pidgeon On My Back
But I Got These Stitches [? ] My Back
A Vision On My Back
And don't Try To Run Up On Me I Got Precision With That Gat
I don't Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat-Tat
All I Got To Do Is Tat!
Bet I Hit My Tar-Get
Like A F*ckin Dart Mat
My Address Is Cloud Nine
See And U Shall Find
Weezy On His Grind
I'm About My Frankensteins
Yea U Kno Me, From My Lincolns To My Franklins
See I Make That Money Stretch And Connect Like An Anklet
These Bitches Runnin In Out My House Like A Banquet
And I don't Even Speak Their Language... Ahahah
And If The Bitch Boyfrend Get Angry
Then My Niggas Turn Around And Tell His Whole Clique
F*ck That Nigga, Pussy Ass Nigga
F*ck That Nigga! Yea!

[Chorus x2: To The End]
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