Jumpman Lyrics by Lil' Wayne

Lil' Wayne Lyrics

Jumpman Lyrics
T! Where Hoody at?
No Ceilings, uh

One xan, one xan, one xan, lord I'm tryna cut back
Hol' up, hol' up, where my cup at, my bitch bout that comeback
Real one from the jump, man, I'm killing the jumpman
I ain't got no ceilings no need to look up man
AK, AK, AK, street-sweeper, no dustpan
Been a stuntman since a young man, extra gun if one jam
Stuntman since a young man, extra gun if one jam
On my Carter 5 shit this one for the thump-man
Yeah, this one for the duff-bag
Yeah, this for where I'm from man, yeah
My goons break into your house like BruhMan
Gun Blam, Gun Blam, Gun Blam, Gun Blam, Gun Blam, Gun Blam
Shh-, silence on the gun, I go silence of the lambs
Oo I'm up man, up man, them Viagras got me up man
I go silencer
And we pull up man up and dump and dump and dump then sca-ram, screech
The harder I fall, the farther I reach
The water might fall, but life is a beach
When my number's called, I get out my seat
When my niggas ball, I give em my speech
You might hit a wall, and end up like me
You might have to crawl, but get up like me
And you bite before bark, never I before we
And you pray before eating
You lay with your heat
And you stay with your heat
And you lay on your mink
Bitches lay at your feet
And you play with your kids
You don't play with these niggas
Don't play in these streets
I don't play on these beats
I don't play about my money
You heard what I say; no replay, no repeat
Don't be playing with me
Don't be playing with we
I don't play with no WII
I'm ok, I'm OG, I'm a OG on these beats, I OD on these beats
I'm M O B B B B on these streets
Say what you say, you don't be on these streets
'cuz if we see you it's on S-I-G-H-T
Believe that!

One xan, one xan, one xan, all I need is one xan
Knock me out like punch back got me slump like humpback
Muddy muddy muddy I just drunk a mud bath
Muddy muddy muddy I need me some mud flaps
Real one from the jumpman, real one from the jumpman
On my Carter 5 shit, this one for the thumb man
Money long I got that money tall like Kazam
I just popped a combo, ain't talking McDonald's (medicine)
I just popped a bottle, ain't talking no liquor (medicine)
I'm talking Actavis, I'm talking to the sippers, (pour up)
I'm talking to a stripper, she gonna let me pimp her
You talking to the police so that's who you tippin
Ohhh, that's a no no that's a no no, whoa
Had coke since polo and girbauds
Had coke since Arsenio
White girl; Marilyn Monroe, Demi Moore
I'm in LA with my skinny hoes
But their faces look like centerfolds
I've been taking all these chemicals
Now they faces aren't identical, damn
Watch these niggas turnin into hoes, bop bop
Watch me turn a nigga into smoke, bop bop
Watch me turn a million into four
Voilà, watch me turn Miami to a N.O
Uh huh, watch me turn the sand to some snow
Uh huh, and I'm phantom with chinchilla floors
Drop top, hit Atlanta like a Gorilla Zoe
Holla at my baby mamas, I love them the most
Shout out Lauren on the wedding she playin' her role
Literally on the set she playin a role
Niggas really rep the set we stay in our mode
Spiritually I'm just blessed I pray for my hoes
Tunechi hopping off the jet, G open my door
Spitting synthol effects my flow in control
Pimping synthol effects my hoe in control
I just popped a combo, I ain't talking McDonald's
Niggas hear that click clack, ohhwohh
I know I'ma get my shit back, ohhwohh
We aiming this thing at your body we aiming this thing at your nose
Hollow tip bullets blue tip bullets you're gonna get shot with them both

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