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King Kong Remix Lyrics
Yeaaaa... Listen
I go by tha name of W.F
If you don't know what that is... you don't need to
Jibbs I got ya
This ain't a remix
It's just Jibbs song with me on it
Me bein a monsta
King kong

[Lil Wayne:]
26 inches on tha old school impala
We ride cowboy and I ain't talkin bout Dallas
My leather so soft and my dash so clean
And my speaker box jumpin and my tweeters jus screamin
Guns so convenient... no I ain't leanin
Car so smokey I don't kno how I see in it but you know that I'm a be in it
Sounds and t.v in it
Bad bitch screen flipped down watchin me in it
Wip ya like a key brick, hear me 'for you see me bitch
She''s on the back seat rollin quarters like a meter bitch
Young money[x7] we da shit
(Yo Gotti)
Mr. King Kong
Money so long truckin hard and my bass so strong rides fly high
Music so clear
My chain hang low and my diamonds so clear
Got a 1972 monte carlo
And a new S.5 50 no carnal
And they both candy painted chromed out on thug
Look they both sound like I got a woman in tha trunk
Yo gotti king kong of the good
Purple haze bubble koosh king kong of tha hood
King kong of tha snow 20 stacks of tha low
You know how it go there 36 or mo'
I'm King Kong
Yea yea yea AY Jibbs this ya playa boy from St. Louis man chingy
You kno tha S.S got fo' 15's
The rang rover gotta cuple 12's and a hemi c just beats crazy
But I got that sierrra pootin thing that new thang let me talk about it man

Five 50 benz chrome rims I'm hurtin da streets
It's so luxury tha windows got curtains to see
I'm ridin fly while ya'll walkin and hurtin ya feet
Cats with factory radios look nervous to me
As I pull up 6 12 my purple to be
I puff light so I'm rollin up purple and cheese
Whoopas bout to bust like a holdas been workin da streets
Police gave me a ticket said I was distubing the peace
King Kong fightnin Godzilla
Car rattelin and shakin how I ride nigga
Mark nutty north side niggaz
Yo system gon bang like mine so I dry niggaz
Speakers soundin like a band playin live nigga
Twilight and some 20's on your ride nigga
And 28's have me high in the sky nigga
If you hear it 'for you see it that's iight nigga, chingy
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