Louisianimal Lyrics by Lil Wayne

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Louisianimal Lyrics
Get down or lay down

Louisanimal I'm a animal [x12]
I'm a beast I'm a dog

Call me lilweezyanna carter
I go harder all about da dollar
F*ck two quarters
Bitch I pour syrup in dat vitamin water
I hope you die ugly and tonite will be gorgeous
Feed me your organs
Bitch I'm starvin
Tear drops in my face like it's my party
And if it's my party, I can cry if I want to
Split your f*ckin body up in half if I want to
Bitch I'm from new orleans but I'm going everywhere
And I have the dream to be your worst nightmare
I'm in the kings chair watchin sportcenter
Then I cut on BET I dinner
Throw your L's up yeah we takin over
And we hungry so please come with a chip on your shoulder
And we got them guns that got to sit on your shoulder
I rock ice but my hear colder

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