Make It Rain (New Verse) (Live) Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

Make It Rain (New Verse) (Live) Lyrics
And My Grill Is I'll
Ice Bright White Light Galil
Did I Do That
Throwin Up Signs
Like I'm In A Frat
Eagle Street Bitch
See Me When Ya Wanna
Sign Me As The Owner
Them Yellow Diamonds Lookin Like A Fridge Full Of Corronas
Ya See Through Like Cubic Zercoinia
And Me I Keep I Funky Like Pubic Aroma
Hit Em With The Glock
Put Em In A Coma
Now What That Boy Got Uhh Glockoma
My Weed Is Stronga
I Smell Grape
I Like Promethozine
I'm In A Snail Race
My Watch Reminds Me Of 88
Because It's Got Crack Rocks As The F*ckin Face
Bitches Stick To Me Like Skotch Tape
Plenty Colors In The Chain Nigga F*ck Bape
Yeah, And I'm Kold Like Upstate
So Icy Like A Muthafukcin Cup Cake
And All The Bitches Feel My Feung Shwei
Biches Wanna Eat Me Alive
I'll Be Her Entree
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