MegaMan Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

MegaMan Lyrics
[Verse 1:]Faded off the kush, I'm gone
Only two years old when daddy used to bring dem hookas home
Looking like my grandma, my niggas got dat ammo
We jackson and then light up a l, Sameul
Tunechi in this bitch nigga, ya'll niggas bitch niggas
Rats gon rat and snakes gon hiss nigga
Baseball rich nigga, do this shit for all my homies
Where them bad bitches at, come and put that pussy on me
Tunechi you a murderer, boy you just be killing shit
Yea you kno that money talk, I am the ventriloquist
Tranquilizer in the trunk, put your ass to sleep man
Birdman jr, got the world in my wingspan
How you niggas want it, have it your way, Burger King
I get deep in that pussy, dig her out, surgery
F*cking with a real nigga, f*cking right, certainly
Break in your f*cking home, take your life, burglary
Whoa nigga, die slow nigga
For dear life you holdin on, envogue nigga
Unload nigga, reload nigga
Tools on deck, Home Depot nigga
Well if life is a bitch then mines a gold digger
Yea and all my bitches nasty like cold dinner
Everyday I go so hard and work my ass off
I'm good, I'm 100, like a fast ball Carter IV

[Verse 2:]Yeah... ugh... I going back in

We get f*ck ya'll money, how u want play it
That ak sleep on the side of my bed
That's one eye closed, one eye open
Your cap get peeled like Ibuprofen
I'm sick, I'm I'll, I ain't the nigga to f*ck with
This is a crazy world and life is shorter than Bushwick
Young money man, we got this shit by a landslide
Boy I send dem bloods at your ass like a tampon
Uptown shit, wet the whole party
Weezy gon ball, bald like Steve Harvey
The heater, I'm a tuck her, Tucker like Delores
That's my word, word like thesaurus
I don't see no future in your front and I be stunting hard
Rap game depending on me like a bungy chord
Fear nobody but God almighty
Shoot that moutherf*cker till I get arthiritis
I'm a beast, I'm a ass, I'm ahead of my class
I'm a diamond in the ruff like a baby in the trash
I talk it, I live it, I paint a picture vivid
And the pistols popping like they sitting in a skillet
I go so hard, go so mean, I'm so New Orleans
Told the judge I could'ntbudge, it was him or me
Forget the bullshit and remember me
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