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My House Girl Lyrics
Your Girl... I Mean My Girl... Soon To Be My Girl... Kno Wat I'm Talkin Bout...
I Can't Wait Till We Get To The Condo Baby...
I Got So Much Medication To Give... It's Nothin...

Now You Can Come And Spend The Night At My House Girl
U Can Drink All U Want At My House Girl
U Can Smoke All U Want At My House Girl
Dats My House Girl
Dats My House Girl
We Can F*ck All We Want At My House Girl It's All Cool The Neighbors Done Moved Out Gurland You Can Scream All U Want Ay My House Girl
Dats My House Girl
Dats My House Girl

[Verse 1:]
Hold On Girl U Kno Wat It Is Ma
504 Boy U Kno Where I Live Ma
Pull Up 2 Da Club 26s On My Whip Ma
Pocket Full Of Money Hustle If Your Tryin To Get It Ma
Hold On Girl I Like How U Movin
Cathing Dat Beat Shawty I Like How U Groovin
I Got Enough Room In My Car To Fit U In
So We Should Leave Da Club B4 They Start Fightin N Shootin
Yeah And Wen U Make It 2 Da Crib U Can Call Your Gurls N Tell Dem How I'm Live
Yeah Mommie N U Kno Dats Right
And If Your For Makin Breakfast U Can Stay 4 Da Night


[Verse 2:]
I'm In Da Crib Watchin Young N Da Restless
Young Money Baby I Don't Kno Who Da Rest Is
Me N Tunes In Da High Rides In Texas
Houston Dat Is
U A Bad Bitch
But U Ain't Da Baddest
But Youd Do Just Fine
Dats My Brotha Man
Wats His Is Mine
Wats Mine Is His
So U Kno Wat Dat Means
Meet Him In Da Back N You Can Join Da Track Team
After U Do Dat Holla At Trillwill
Dats My Dog He Stay Gone Off Kill Bill
Leave Your Clothes Off And Holla At Lil Boo
Don't Get Dressed Yet Cause Dizzy Wat Some 2


[Verse 3:]
Cause Shawty U Ain't Gotta Go Home
Cause If U Need Something Baby I'll Pick Up Da Phone
I Can Get 20 Cases Of My Wet Sean Dean
Weed, Coc, Ex, All Wateva U Want
We Can Take A Tour Thru My Walk-In Closet
And Count The Seadogs On Da Back Of My Pockets
Dese All 500 Dolla Jeans
I Got 6 Cars All Of Dem Painted Green
When I Spit Broads
I'll Get Alot Of Cream
When I Meet Broads
I'll Give Dem 2 My Team
A Pimp N A Gentle At Da Same Time
I Neva Carry Coins But I Keep Alot Of Dimes
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