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Lil Wayne Lyrics

Outro Lyrics
Yeah [x5]
Chea, Chea
Loo... psych!
This the end, nigga, f*ck that, ya'll niggaz crazy
Ya'll think I'm bout to rap on this dudes shit?
Man this shit is perfect like it is
That's my nigga... wait... that nigga ain't no nigga, huh?
But that's my nigga Rob, f*ck with ya boyy
You already know what it is man
Look here, hold on...
This the outro bitchess
So... if you think I'm a say your name or say somethin bout ya or or or somethin... listen
If you don't wanna here this shit, go head and start the mixtape over
I hope you enjoyed... It's Da Drought 3, ya dig?
Only for ya'll, I hope you got in free!
Hehe, no charge!
Uh Huh, my niggaz don't do that
I don't even know why I do it, but I do it
But anyway... let me light the blunt
Mmm... that that granddad shitt
Make your eyes close and shit
Know what I'm talkin bout? !
But ummm... I'm in this bitch! Weezy F. Baby
Umm... Young Money, Cash Money, Dipset, Skulll Gang, Terror Squad...
J-j-just a couple people I f*ck with, ya dig? no homo!
So to start it off I'm a shout out to Young Money...
What up Spitta, Curren$y, Mac Maine, Raw Dizzy, yeah, Young Ronnie, Red, L, I see you
Yeah, we go to New York
Miss Nikky Menage, yeah, Young Money
We gon do it big this year... remember that, Nikki Menage, Young Money
Curren$y, Young Money
What up Chuck?... stay in school boyy
Look here... umm... T, Po, E, Streetz!
Yeah, Boo! Boo back ya'll! Boo got a blunt in his ear, hehe, snack!
See, See bitch run that f*ckin call back
He, the people gon get ya, b
Lil' Baby, yeah, hold on
Nacho, Chuck, bet u crazy
Yeah, Boo, B, I see you lookin like Aaron McKie and shit
Yeahh! Young Money!
If I forgot ya, man, you know it ain't nothin like that, man, don't even trip
I see you Weezy, yah.
Come on man, ummm... Cash Money!
Big Roof, I see ya unc
Joe, OG, Kay, I see you
Squalizzy, Greg, what's poppin?
Low Jack, the boss, biatch
Yeah, what up cause?
Look here... Jay, Suga Don, Slim, Mr. Williams, I gotcha, ya dig?
Brian, Baby, Biatris, Bubba, Stunna... whateva
You already know I love everyone of 'em
Shawty, It's Junior
Dipset! Killa, Flee, yessir!
Capo, I see ya
Both of 'em, Capito from the eastside, and Capito from the eastside, yeah
Ummm... Lz, My brother from another, ya dig?
Santana, tell them hoes, "call me, manana! " I'm Tony Montana!
I ain't even gon talk about it
That that white thing, that's that white, all dat fleet of white my nigga got
Lz, I know you saw him on Cribs, we killin you bitches
Black Republicans... I Can't Feel My Face, comin too soon, the album
Yeah, Like Father, Like Son in store, if you got it, you are great
I love who you love and hate who you hate, baby
It's Weezy F Baby man
Listen, I just love music, I love to rap, I love what I do
Joey Crack! Brisco, All-Star, Yo Gotti, mmhm
Try not to forget nobody
Young Chris Breezy, Young Lloyd, I see ya'll
Bow Weezy, holla at cha boy
Sammy, nigga, I still f*ck with chu
Yeah, hehe, not Sammy the bull (laughs uncontrollably)
Real niggaz gon respect ya
Eastside New Orleans, Up-Town New Orleans, Down town New Orleans, Westbank New Orleans, yahh!
I see ya, by the way, I gotcha
Mmhm, 305, Miami, I like to thank ya for, for such a great place for me and my father and family to come,
And- and share our wealth with ya'll, thank you, thank you
We could'nthave picked a better place
Miami, 305, I owe a lot to ya'll
That's why I give back
DJ Khaled! Listen... We Da Best! Who? We! Ya dig? !
Big D, I see you in? nigga
Yeahh, Larry Dog, so stupid, ha
I even say Jay the pitcher, man, that's my nigga
O-zone? my girl, what's happenin
Sister, sister?, that's my girl, too
All my staff, everybody who helped me
Everybody who think they helped me
Everybody who don't give a f*ck about me
All ya'll, my family, Reginae, Jacita, Rabbit Rest In Peace
I see ya Antonia, Mrs Carter, stop trippinn
I was talk to them not you, stop trippin cause I know you be trippin, so stop trippin
But um... everybody else, man
Everybody else...
Mark, I see ya, yeah
This is dedicated to Mercedes Carter, that's my grandmother
Magnolia Slim, ya'll know him as Soulja Slim
Chris Wallace, Notorious B.I.G.
Mr. Tupac Shakur, of course
Big Pun, Aaliyah!
Left Eye, Big L, Proof, Big Phil
T.I., nigga, I see ya
That's my big brother, ya dig?
What up Rick Ross?
Everybody in the game, Young Jeezy, Game, Young Buck, yeah
All the producers... Scott Storch, Timb, Swizzy, Mannie Fresh
All y'all niggaz, Pharrell, yeah, the Runners, Develop, Angel, Dru!
Dru and Fabian, ya'll niggaz is crazy
You want your music to sound right, Dru and Fabian
Nikki, baby, I see you
Got my hair right all the time, got my gear right all the time, I f*cks with u baby, I love you
Yeah! Umm... If anyone thought hip-hop was dead
Um... last time I called the bitch she said umm...
I said, said bitch, bi-bitch if you gon die on me, I'm gon walk out and leave, stupid ass
And then this what the bitch told me...
This what she told me, she said...

[Robin Thicke: x2]
I'm lost without you
Can't help myself
How does it feel?
To know that I love ya baby

And I love you, too, hip-hop, Weezy
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