Pussy MVP Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

Pussy MVP Lyrics
You're going to love me baby

[Verse 1]
Fresh checkerboard Vans and a t-shirt
And it's going down, but she first
My flow sweet, make my teeth hurt
I spit ice cream bars, that's dessert
To me there's no such thing as a G-1st
Ya, my feature price high like a mink purse
I smoke a whole reef of the reefer
Drugs are bad but I beg to defer, sir
I just take a look at her face
So she can see that my shades are Versace, and she purr
Cause I'm a cool cat per say
So I give her my life and now I got 8, word
She asked me to go over her place, I said sure
She said shes been horny all day, I got the cure
I'm on her like turf
Now bring that ass, bring that ass, bring that ass hurr Ya Digg

I, I, I Don't know that you been told
But I can tell you something 'bout me
I smoke weed, I drink, and I roll
Now is you f*cking with me
Now I can't tell shit 'bout the next man
But he ain't got nothing on me
Cause after a pill and half and a shot of Patrone, I'm a Pussy M.V.P.
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