Sure Thing (Freestyle) Lyrics by Lil Wayne

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Sure Thing (Freestyle) Lyrics
Kush and a swisha
Money over bitches
Never kill a woman
Unless she is a witness
All about my business
Survival of the fittest
She let me had my weed in her titties
Bitch I got the cash in a rubberband
I got the glock already cocked, boom!
F*cking with a nigga meet my mothaf*cking goons
Sorry for the wait Carter IV coming soon
Light it up cause I'm a smoke good
She tried to deep throat, I f*cked around and choked her
It's Young Money motherf*cker game over
Shots leave ya body looking like she is doing yoga
And Lord knows I am a sinner pain pills for dinner
Bitch I am getting money like I got a money printer
I got a chopper and a trimmer shootin' like jimmer
You coming in that water boy, you better be a swimmer
I ain't worrying bout ya'll, sittin' in my hole
While Miss Anita Baker say you bringin me jaw?
I came straight outta jail and did my thing on these boys
And we all yell "f*ck you bitch" and kept going
I am on and that's right baby
I am ain't going out this bitch without a fight baby
One request please don't bite baby
I got some bomb ass pussy from a white lady
I ain't lying, I'm a shine like a nickel or a diamond
I smoke a lot of weed to keep them bitches off of my mind
Girl stop talking that shit goin' suck a nigga dick
For a new outfit
And even if the sky come falling
Bitch I'm a still be high
I got faith in my weed man
But lil niggas got yay by the bean bag
Hit ya ass from the side like a screen pass
And that red bandana is the team flag
Yeah, all up in your f*cking face
Tez pushed the album back, sorry for the wait

Yep, that's right Weezy blame Cortez for pushing the album back. Ha.
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