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Sure Thing Lyrics
Kush In A Swisha
Money Over B^tches
Never Kill A Woman
Unless She A Witness
All About My Business
Survival Of The Fittest
She Let Me Hide My Weed In Her Titties..

B^tch I Got The Cash In A Rubber Band
I Got The Glock Already Cocked. Boom.
F^cking With A N^gga, Meet My Mother F^cking Goons
Sorry For The Wait, Carter Four Coming Soon
Light It Up, Cause I'ma Smoke.
She Tried To Deep Throat, I F^cked Around And Choked Her
It's Young Money, Mother F^cker, Game Over
Shots Leave Ya Body Like Ya Doin Yoga

And Lord Knows I'ma Sinner, Pain Pills For Dinner
B^tch I'm Getting Money Like I Gotta Money Printer
I Got A Chopper And A Trimmer, Shooting Like Jimmer
You Coming In That Water, Boy, You Better Be a Swimmer
I Aint Worried About Ya'll, Sitting In My Hole
While Miss Anita Baker Say "You Bringing Me Joy"
I Came Straight Og Outta Jail And Did My Thing On These Boys
And We All Yelled "F^ck You, B^tch" And Kept Going

And I'm On, And That's Right, Baby.
And I Aint Going Out This B^tch With Out A Fight, Baby.
One Request, Please Don't Bite Baby
I Got Some Bomb A^^ P^ssy From A White Lady
I Aint Lying, I'ma Shine Like A Nickel Or a Diamond
I Smoke Alotta Weed To Keep Them B^tches Off My Mind
Girl, Stop Talking That Sh^t
Gon' Suck A N^gga D^ck
For A New Outfit

And Even If The Sky Come Falling
B^tch, I'ma Still Be High
I Got Faith In My Weed, Man
And Lil N^ggas Got 'Yay By The Bean Bag
Hit Yo A^^ From The Side Like A Screen Pass
And That Red Bandana Is The Team Flag
Yeah, All Up In Ya F^cking Face
Tez Pushed The Album Back, Sorry For The Wait

Uh Huh
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