Whisky Lyrics by Marian Hill

Marian Hill Lyrics

Whisky Lyrics
You are my whiskey
I'll make you mine
I can just taste it

All of these shot boys think I'm divine
But I don't want to waste it

They're like a second, but you're like a day
Yeah I used to hit it then go on my way
Boy I get so tipsy with you on my mind
Yeah I like the whisky with my nursery rhyme

Throw it back
Sip it slow

You're on the top shelf
And I'm looking up
Perfectly crafted

Bartender tell me
What's in that cup
Yeah I got to have it

I know you won't burn when I drink my glass
I know how to drink it I learn pretty fast
So take me to bed, babe, and I'll close my eyes
Yeah I like the whisky with my lullaby


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