Shes My Baby Lyrics by Mazzy Star

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Shes My Baby Lyrics
She's my baby, She belongs to me
But yesterday she walked home all alone
Everybody else, looks at my baby
Then they wandered over to me
But baby's feelin' bad today
She said she's thinking of goin' away
Oh baby I'm cryin', And my body's flyin'
But I remember you
She's my baby, Ain't that something
But I know she belongs to you
Yesterday was another day, when I,
Saw your baby, walkin' home alone,
I'm feelin' sorry
I called you but I
I guess that I forgot your name
Baby's feelin' bad today
She said she's thinkin' of goin' away
But she's just like lightning
She goes right through you
Then you know you'll never
Be the same
Now everybody looks
All around the corner
Just to see your baby
Walkin' home

She's my baby
Ain't that something
But I know that she belongs to you
She belongs to you

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