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Copy Me Lyrics
[Verse 1: Takeoff]
You rappers you wanna be thirty three still tryna copy me
Young rich nigga only 19 and you'd better acknowledge me
F*ck nigga you spitting and rapping like this without Migos consent want apology
The labels keep talking, the critics keep writing and
All because we gettin' currency
I think it's time for extortion
I'm killing you babies, abortion (Kidnap you niggas my Migos will torture you)
I told you I'd rather be rich than famous
F*ck nigga this is my label
These f*ck niggas done stole so much goddamn swag, might as well sell it
The critics done said it, I might as well tell it
I'm Activist with my shirt off screaming f*ck the world like Makaveli
QC the label! Solid Foundation!
Young nigga on the block with the work to the side
Come up trapping like a fundraiser
F*ck nigga you know I'm a Migo
[?] get poked with a razor

Which one of my cars should I drive today? (They all foreign..)
I don't know
Which one of my hoes should I f*ck today? (They all bad)
I don't know
Which one of my chains should I put on? Put 'em all on
You niggas you know, you niggas you know that you stealin' my flow
Whatever you with, we with it [x3]
Whatever you with, whatever you with, my nigga we pressing, my nigga we pressing the button
My niggas ain't stressed they got money, whatever you with, whatever you with, you know that my niggas we with it

[Verse 2: Quavo]
They copy the name, they copy the gang, they copy the slang (they copy my name)
Versace, Versace we brought that shit back and you niggas is lame
We hearin' the way that these rappers is rappin' that shit not creative
What's the difference?
We some young niggas that signed to no label
My squad is so deep in the club, your fans and your people don't notice you
All of my niggas got diamonds, they flashin' they look like a photoshoot
I pull up in valet, the Audi got soft top but my top is bulletproof
And now they want jugg and finessin'
Now they want 'sace the necklace
At first we didn't expect it and now we expect it
At first the flow they neglect it and now they respect it
I'm thanking God for the blessing, (to not have a rat in my session)
I know that this game is dirty Smith & Wesson


[Verse 3: Offset]
You must got the rabies, you bitin'
You copy my swag and I like it
Young nigga I'm for sale
Give em' hell!
Put a nigga on a mission, young nigga won't fail
Ya'll pussy ass rappers, these niggas they wise
Never trap, never cap, never been in a trial
You with it, I'm with it, them hollows start spitting
These niggas they shaking like Diddy
Gotta pay the trap on my block, extortion
80 percent of your guap
No lie, Versace, it got me a fortune
Enormous money ain't never gone stop
Woke up this morning and I played the radio
Nigga's remedial, sounding like Radio
Them niggas not talking just pullin yall cards
Dunk a nigga, Vince Carter
Bullets have a nigga dancing like Carlton

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