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Switch A Roo Lyrics
Country nigga I'm fly
We switch a roo bitches no lie (no lie)
We f*ckin' and passin' them bitches (smash)
You give them kisses and you try tryin' to deny it (you did the kisses)
She f*ck it me niggas, my niggas are criminals (criminals)
You goin' on twitter talkin' subliminal (huhh)
Take her clothes of like it a physical (take it off)
You just be f*ckin' my niggas thats pitiful (smash)

We gone switch a roo yo ho (uhhh)
Yeah we do
Flipin' a ho (Whats hannen long way)
She like me and she like him too
Switching a ho
Its cool with me
Its cool long way
Swith a roo

She like the npa band count (band count)
She like the migos too (migo)(she liking it)
You know how we do
She know what we do
Shitch a roo (switcha roo)
Lil bitty bitch say she loyal
Knowin' damn well we ain't gone spoil her (nooo)
Let me tell her what da hell a young nigga do (what)
Switchin' our hoes what we call it (switcha roo)

Switch a roo my diamonds dancing (talk to em quavo)
In the jungle with japanese (wooo)
I'm talkin' bout the bando idiot
I knew that you niggas wouldn't understand me (woo)
Switch a roo my cars, clothes, and hoes
Don't f*ck with my money thats a noo noo (no)
We stand in arena, migos doin' shows
Smokin' backwoods look like eggroll (egg)

You better of comin' with two of your besties (two of yo bitches)
Young migo and npa switch a roo (switch a roo)
These hoes they loving the crew ( lovin' da crew)
Cause I got gwap wanna kick it like fifa (Damn)
Straight gas bag with a bitch name Keisha (gas bag)
No we don't spoil her (no)
Switch a roo the bitch with the band count (swith a roo da bitch)
Migo gang got them on her ass stamp (Migo)

Shout out NPA Duke
Shout out Gwapo
Shout out Cinco
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