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Trap Lyrics
Turn me up Josh, Josh engineering
Migo! Wooh!

[Hook x2 - Rich The Kid:]
Trap [x6]
All my young niggas
Trap [x4]
Hit it wit the remix, re-rock
No straight drop, my whole hood trap

[Verse 1 - Rich The Kid:]
My diamonds is dancing, I pull up in Phantoms, I trap out a mansion
My bitches they come cross the border they naked, no bra or no panties
I fly with a fish and I fly with a fish
And I whip and I'm breaking my wrist
My ice from the glacier, I'm sipping the Lakers, I'm rich like the mayor
Pull a nigga fans, bitch I'm rich, I don't give a damn
I just f*cked a nigga baby momma off of Instagram
Trapping and trapping it turned into rapping
I don't even know how it happened
The money is coming, not only I'm flexin'
Young nigga I'm capping and trapping
Flipping the work wit' no spatula
Pull up in 'Rarri, I'm crawling tarantula
My nigga got choppers, berettas and uzis
I promise they'll damage ya
Migo gang, pull up flexin' 30 chains
Lamb no brains, got it off of cocaine


[Verse 2 - Offset:]
How does it feel to be broke?
White diamonds like coke
Wrapping the brick up like mummies
100 bricks coming on monday
Just a young ass nigga, thats 15
Chapo wit' the red beam
No Rockets I got Yao Mings
Yadda Mean?
I'm speaking bilingual
I'm talking in spanish
That Mota', coca'
Baking soda
Feeling like Pablo Escobar
Trapping in Louis V Loafers
So much got damn cash
I feel like a Bank of America broker
Got shooters wit me nigga
I thought I told ya
The game is not checkers it's chess
No spades it's poker
I travel the world, you local
Mo bags then Krogers
Young nigga, with a hundred rounds
Bitch it's over


[Verse 3 - Quavo:]
Wrap em up...
Ship em out...
My whole hood trap, my whole hood trap... (Is ya trapping?)
Walk in the hood wit tha K's out
Young nigga finna blow ya brains out
Tornado arms...
Play wit the water like thunderstorm
I play with the bombs
So please do not call me Saddam
You bitch like my cum
So I skeet a lil bit on her tongue
12 hit the block, 12 hit the block
What ya gone do? Better run... (Is ya trapping?)
Trap with extension across the map
Work in the trunk
Hunnids in the back
I ain't never seen hunnid racks look this flat
Blue benjis!!!
Trap in the maybach with curtains in it
QC we winning
Trapper turned rapper I meant it

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