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What You Doin Lyrics
[Hook - Quavo:]
What you doin?
Baby what you doin?
Ferragamo and Versace, I'm gon wrap you up in Louis (LV)
What you doin? Tell me what you doin
On Santa Monica boulevard, I got you Jimmy Choo
What you doin? (What you doin?)
Tell me what you doin? (What you doin?)
Baby what you doin? (c'mon)
Tell me what you doin? (c'mon)

[Verse 1 - Quavo:]
Come come, come on, come on, asap, asap, right now, pronto
Got a Lambo parked outside, you ever seen a Lambo 'fore?
I can take you to go see Gucci, that my CEO
I can take you to birthday bash, you standing in front row
You a star, at least in my eyes
Got an onion booty, want to cry
Taking trips, I can't Dubai
She fine, check that's how we fly
Girl, me and you, we're to tell the world like woah
We draped up in 24 carat gold
1017 we won the super bowl
She hit the lean, she said she in slow mo
Slow mo, slow mo
Hop in the Lambo door (Skkrt Skkrt)
Leggo, leggo leggo
She hit the lean, she said she in slow mo


[Verse 2 - Takeoff:]
Key young nigga Versace, princess cut my diamonds
Bally, Prada, Gucci, Fendi, Louis, f*ck a stylist
We fresher than some trident, flyer than your pilot
I'm sipping on Activis, you sipping Hypnotiq
My bitch is extravagant (she foreign)
My whip exotic, I just threw your hundred in apartment in silence
Your main bitch in my Delta
Lambo fast call it Devin Hester
I'm flexing, call me Sylvester
Stallone, I keep the chrome
I'm on the block, what you need?
I got zone, y'all niggas ain't getting no money
Macaulay Culkin, you're home alone
I gave your bitch a molly, she rolling, no stone
Got on Gucci, Louis, Fendi but that gas is my cologne

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