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Who The Hell Lyrics
I'm a dog, she a dog too
If he a shooter, I'm a shooter too
I'm a trap nigga, who are you?
Is you mad, cause I'm flexing all on you?
Who the hell? [x3]
Got me f*cked up
Who the hell? [x3]
Got me f*cked up

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Who the hell are you?
I'm a dog she a dog too
We know that she f*cking the team
Man the whole crew
I'm a f*cking fool if I put cuffs on you
Who the hell?
Bet he got trap spots
No bandos, and I can't tell...
Who the hell say I ain't whipping a bale?
My niggas be kicking the doors
And running from 12
Fish scales
Pockets deep like water wells


[Verse 2: Offset]
I got bombs no Osama
President rollie, Obama
Forty pornos
You can see my diamonds
From cross the corner
Death before dishonor
Middle finger, f*ck the your honor
Concrete jungle
If you fumble
Eat you up like piranhas
Who the hell?
Said I won't pull out that chopper
And aim it at your turtle shell
I know that you snitching
You a informant for 12
My niggas they trained to kill
We got bananas
You know they gone peel

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