She Never Made It To The Emergency Room Lyrics by Motionless In White

Motionless In White Lyrics

She Never Made It To The Emergency Room Lyrics
If I cut off my hand and gave it to you, would you hold it then?
Tie me to the bed and put a knife to my neck because tonight we let it out.
Covered in blood, all her skeletons in closets will dance to the sound of lust.
Metal wrists break the urge to resist and fight this hatred
that presses so hard against my lips. She whispers in his ear,
please darling don't be scared. I want you to bleed with me.
A brilliant suicide from you is all I want, and we'll fall into the sea.
Against the wall, I will sink my teeth into your throat and rip it out.
Inject these sins, the serpent speaks, for the devil awaits you and me.
The sound of you screaming is like music to my ears

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