The Pretty Reckless Lyrics

The Pretty Reckless Lyrics

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From the Album Who You Selling For (2016) (buy at
Who You Selling For
The Walls Are Closing In / Hangman
Oh My God
Take Me Down
Wild City
Back To The River
Who You Selling For
Bedroom Window
Living In The Storm
Already Dead
The Devil's Back
Mad Love

From the Album Going To Hell (2014) (buy at

From the Album Hit Me Like A Man (2012) (buy at
Hit Me Like A Man
Make Me Wanna Die
Hit Me Like A Man
Under The Water
Since You're Gone
Cold Blooded

From the Album Light Me Up (2010) (buy at

My Medicine
Since You're Gone
Make Me Wanna Die
Light Me Up
Just Tonight
Miss Nothing
Goin' Down
Nothing Left To Lose
Factory Girl
Far From Never (UK iTunes Bonus Track)
Everybody Wants Something From Me (UK iTunes Bonus Track)
Zombie (Japan Bonus Track)

From the Album The Pretty Reckless (2010) (buy at
The Pretty Reckless
Make Me Wanna Die
My Medicine
Goin' Down

Other Songs:
Bleeding (Don't You Love Me?)
Blonde Rebellion
He Loves You
Islands / Love The Way You Lie
Messed Up World
Only You (from "Frankenweenie" soundtrack)
Sleeze Sister
SUS (Shut Up Slut)
Void And Null
Where Did Jesus Go?

The Pretty Reckless Info:

The Pretty Reckless are an American hard rock band from New York. They are fronted by Taylor Momsen, who played the character of Jenny Humphrey on the CW series "Gossip Girl". The band was originally called The Reckless but had to change the name due to trademark problems. -Wikipedia

New York City, New York, U.S.

hard rock, post-grunge, alternative rock

Years active:

Taylor Momsen -
lead vocals, rhythm guitar
(born July 26, 1993 - age )

Ben Phillips -
lead guitar, backing vocals

Mark Damon -
bass (2010-present)

Jamie Perkins -
drums, percussion

Past members:
John Secolo - guitar (2009)
Matt Chiarelli - bass (2009)
Nick Carbone - drums, percussion (2009)
Anna Mountain - backing vocals

Tour Dates:

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