Birth Ritual Lyrics by Soundgarden

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Birth Ritual Lyrics
Lying like needles
On forest earth
Euphoric rush
Trees bend to pray for us
I'm sputtering
Like cold machines
Late for the birth ritual, ritual, ritual, ritual

You can drive my tail
To watch the circus
A birth ritual
A birth of idiots
Now I woke up blessed
And good strives for heartache
Marked for the death ritual, ritual, ritual

As you start the song
And face this garden
I light a cigarette before the execution
Now you see your crime
For every miracle
Add another drug at every birth ritual

I took the drug
To make me stay
And now everything
Dies in shyness
The snake retreats
Admits defeat
And waits for the birth ritual, ritual, ritual


Shining light
Child's highs
Mark his sides
Bright until the newness wears off


Writer: kim A. Thayil, Chris J. Cornell, Chris Cornell, Matthew Cameron, Matthew D. Cameron, Kim Thayil
Copyright: Lyrics © In One Ear And Out Your Mother Music, Walpurgis Night Music, You Make Me Sick I Make Music, WB Music Corp., In One Ear And Out Your Mother

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