Like A G6 (Remix) Lyrics by Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah Lyrics

Like A G6 (Remix) Lyrics
Yes, it's the one and only Tinie Tempah
Disturbing London, the big UK and the rest of the world
Yeah, let's go
Jobs with the major surviving countries
With the major cities doing it really big world wide
Shots on my Usa crew, east coast west coast,.. south, mid west

Boom victim a, bag you, I'm a quit you miss behave
I do everything I took about the... day,
More whores, whores, whores than a Christmas day
I'm hit like hit parade
I'm a champion, I... be cool victory
These... mothers doing in... cause these bitches is in to me
... private planes, we supper... run my favorite day
I beat that pussy like 3... I make up for my scene back in my Calvin Klein
You motherf*ckers sound so out of date I'm living in the year 3000 mate
I got a platinum album now hurray, and the Rolls go rolling summon phase

Back it up, like a f*cking hard drive now back it up
South London means west Africa
We get so far east tell the...
Talk free rappers act...
... into Galactica

Like a G6, like a G6,
Power till it's over, fly like a G6
Like a G6, like a G6,
Power till it's over, fly like a G6

No lipping, no see, I will make you feel
Girl I keep the gangsters popping bottles at the crib
This is how we live
Every single night make that bottle take air
And let me see you fly.

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