Pass Out (Remix) Lyrics by Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah Lyrics

Pass Out (Remix) Lyrics
[Chorus: Tinie Tempah]
Yea yea
We bring the stars out, we bring the women and the cars and the cards out
Let's have a toast a celebration get a glass out
And we can do this until we pass out

Uh, yea
Your man Chamillionaire she like what the heck do you do
Turn a track bloody bloody track be yelling su-woo
I swoop thru, yea I swoop thru
I'm witcha doll sticking sumthin in her like it's voodoo
I go hard, they be like oh lord
I'm so fly jump down to approach god
Forget a postcard, send you a hope card
I don't know if you ever seeing this view from your yard
Migratin to places I know forever warm
It never rain, terrain looking like desert storm
Send your lawyers to get me tell em I'm ready for em
Your future said you would fail trust me I read your palm
Huh, they super happy when you do bad
And when you win they'll be saying you a cool cat
I ain't never gave a toast to a douche bag
I be giving the candy coats to a new jag
Overseas it ain't nuttin when your show paid
50 to a 100 what we talking bout some ol age
No way, 40 then a ok, that's 40k I admit it's bein a slow day
Mardi gras mayne it's time to let the party start
Money thicker than the girl from precious body parts
Desert eagle in the seat of an exotic cars
Just incase a loser wanna get beat up with his bodyguard
In the mirror talking tough to your own face
Will I'm still making it rain on my old case
Money vs pacquio betting on my own race
Speeding in my porsche acting like I'm in my own race
She love my still, the reason that I know it
Jewels on top of jewels my neck get clostrophobic
Tellin me I'm the throwdest like she think I didn't notice
Get up shares you can sweat me in my room like aerobics


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